I know the path It is straight and narrow, It is like the edge of a sword, I rejoice to walk on it, I weep when I slip. God’s word is: ‘He who strives never perishes’ - Mahatma Gandhi


It's a way of life which encompasses the entire gamut of ones existence. A satyagrahi is always striving for sarvodaya of all.


    Sarvodaya is made of two words, Sarv + Uday. Literally meaning awakening and welfare of one and all.


      SharirShram translates into bread-labour. A commitment to earn one's livelihood only through honest labour.


        To change the world we need to start with ourselves, said Buddha. Rebel against yourself, said Gandhi. We need an inner conversion, a coherence between the inner-self and the outer public self, between political action and ethical values.
        Gandhi said, “My life is my message”.